BoneTown Nominated for XBiz Awards

Your favorite adult video game, BoneTown, has been nominated for the Innovative Company of the Year award at the 2010 XBIZ Awards. BoneTown is in good company, going up against the likes of and Red Light Center. Of course, we happen to think that our groundbreaking combination of Fucking, Fighting, and getting Fucked Up is the most innovative thing to happen to the adult industry in a while, and we hope that XBIZ thinks so too.We’ll all find out on February 10, so get your whiskey ready because if BoneTown wins, it’s going to take at least one bottle of the good stuff to celebrate that shit correctly.

User Generated: Beer goggles work in BoneTown

watch this guy get shafted drink and then give the shaft right back

User Generated: Jesus goes Amish

jesus beats this amish guy for boning rights with his amish wife

This Place is all About Your Balls! BoneTowns very first trailer!

Fucking, Fighting, and getting Fucked up! Only in BoneTown

This is the first adult trailer D-Dub ever released!