BoneTown Drugs

In BoneTown Drugs affect you very differently than they would anywhere else in the world. In this drug fueled paradise, illicit substances give you extraordinary, magical powers and can impart fantastic abilities.

Many cultural groups have embraced particular kinds of drugs, and knowing who’s using what makes it easier to grow a drug stash.

From the Weed that lets you leap high buildings in a single bound to the Crack bought in dark alleys, in BoneTown, the only drug problem is not having them.


BoneTown Fighting

In BoneTown, you fight for everything from settling disputes to getting drugs to finding women









Hitting someone with a mannequin leg or a flyswatter is as common as throwing an uppercut, and the most skilled fighters can even toss farts, spit fire, or steal a better fighter’s identity to keep their opponent on his toes.

You have to fight your ass off with whatever’s available to survive on the mean streets of BoneTown.








BoneTown History

In the beginning, the island chain now known as BoneTown was reigned over by the goddess of fertility and inebriation. She enchanted the land with the ability to grow mind altering substances and the island became a special spot on the globe where an abundance of drugs flourished side by side.


Millennia later… >>LEAVE A COMMENT

BoneTown Missions

These brave few will encounter the most infamous of BoneTown’s citizens as they go on Missions advancing ever closer to the ultimate goal of defeating The Man and savingBoneTown.






Only the most hardcore of newcomers would consider embarking on the journey that will lead them to The Man’s doorstep.