Adult Movies Come to BoneTown!

SugarDVD to Provide Live-Action Adult Content for Insertion into Video Game

Albuquerque, NM – D-Dub Software is pleased to announce a new partnership with adult DVD giant SugarDVD that will bring live-action adult content to the world of its ground-breaking action adventure video game, BoneTown, in the game’s first expansion pack.

The first movie showcased will be Freshly Squeezed 3 ½. Screening in the BoneTown Theater, the movie will be creatively incorporated into the game and made available to players only after they have completed the new missions. The incorporation of live-action content into the game will be but one new feature available in the upcoming expansion pack for BoneTown, scheduled for release in Spring 2009.

In addition to showcasing its first live-action adult content, courtesy of SugarDVD, the expansion pack will include a new story line that involves a midget, the BoneTown Theater, and a coked out Amish couple, to name but a few of the new elements awaiting rabid Bonetown fans.

D-Dub Software is happy to announce this new partnership with SugarDVD, the world’s largest renter of adult movies. Based in Los Angeles, SugarDVD ships millions of movies all over the world every year, and is eager to become a part of the new adult video game market. “BoneTown is a unique and entertaining game. It has multiple levels, different character options, and humor. I’ve never seen anything like it,” SugarDVD CEO Jax said. “D-Dub Software has created promotional options within the game that SugarDVD is excited to be part of.”

D-Dub Software is just as enthusiastic about the partnership. “We are trying to do some new and creative things in the adult entertainment industry,” D-Dub CEO Hod said. “We are especially proud to be to be partnering with someone like SugarDVD, a company that has been so innovative and influential in the industry. We are really looking forward to working with them and featuring one of their fine films in our game.”

With the game’s new movie capability and the company’s partnership with SugarDVD, D-Dub Software hopes to further the development of the adult video game industry by offering new experiences and business opportunities. “This is just the beginning of our partnership with SugarDVD,” D-Dub Business Development Manager Maximus Baptist VIII said. “By opening the theater we offer our users a new way to view adult material as well as giving SugarDVD a new way of presenting their new content.”

BoneTown Video Game Draws Crowds & Turns Heads at AEE 2009

Adult Video Game Company D-Dub Software Announces Ambitious Plans for the New Year

Las Vegas, NV, January 21, 2009 — D-Dub Software’s BoneTown had one of the most talked about debuts at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas this past week. The Action Adventure Porno video game introduced a new concept to the show—a full featured video game with true adult content—and reactions were intensely positive. Between fielding questions about their game and having some drinks on the convention floor, D-Dub debuted some of their plans for BoneTown for 2009.

D-Dub’s first objective for the year is to provide more game content to fans, and at the show they announced that BoneTown’s first content pack is slated for release in Spring 2009. The content pack will include new missions, characters, and weapons, and will upgrade some existing content. To introduce their content packs to fans, D-Dub is offering this first one for free to anyone who has purchased the game.

In addition, D-Dub will expand this year through partnerships with some major names in both the adult and mainstream worlds. These partnerships will bring BoneTown to a larger audience through distribution deals, affiliate programs, and the inclusion of BoneTown demos in the Special Features sections of various adult movies. D-Dub hopes to announce the confirmation of these partnerships in early 2009.

While making business deals and chatting with fans about BoneTown’s future took most of D-Dub’s time at the AEE, the guys also took the time to speak with media who streamed by the booth interested in their new concept. Interviews about BoneTown and the new industry it is creating can be found in such publications as Penthouse, and on television on G4TV, the University Channel and others starting this month.

Though the business done at the AEE bodes well for D-Dub Software in 2009, the most important part of the conference for them was connecting with the people who play BoneTown. “Usually these shows are about doing a lot of business, which is great, but it was amazing to just sit back and talk to the fans who love playing our game,” says Hod, CEO of D-Dub. “They want nothing more than to experience the adult gaming industry, and they’re who the game was made for.”

New Adult Video Game Redefines Age Verification Within Video Game Industry

Albuquerque, NM, December 18, 2008 — D-Dub Software’s new adult video game, BoneTown, has raised controversy for its graphic depictions of sex and drug use, but now it is also being talked about for its innovations in video game age verification. As the first entry in the new Adult Video Game Industry, D-Dub is working to open distribution routes for adult games. Through their partnership with the age verification company Veratad for online sales and their innovative storefront distribution methods, D-Dub is bringing techniques long used by alcohol and tobacco companies into the video game world, taking the first proactive step towards solving age verification problems in the video game industry.

Though the United States video game industry has many games rated “M” for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or ESRB, video games are currently one of the least regulated industries in the country. Age verification for video games currently consists of nothing more than a casual ID check, compared to the alcohol, tobacco, and even movie industries where stringent age verification practices are in place. Considering this, it is easy to see one reason why AO (Adults Only) games are uncommon, as it has historically been difficult to make sure these games don’t fall into the hands of children.

After researching the age verification tactics employed by these other industries, D-Dub Software has decided to bring some of their techniques to the video game world to allow adult products to be sold safely. For example, in an online sale, merely using a credit card is no longer sufficient proof of a customer’s age. To counter this, D-Dub has partnered with Veratad Technologies and is using their AgeMatch Age Verification Solution which “… is aimed at achieving a balance between assisting parents in the overwhelming task of protecting their children from age sensitive content, products and services, while preserving reasonable access to those of legal age,” in the words of Veratad President Pattie Dillon. Veratad has long served the online alcohol and tobacco industries but until now the video game world has not utilized their services.

Offline, BoneTown is sold only in adult stores. These stores, like liquor stores, are strict about allowing only customers of age to enter the store or purchase products, making it unlikely a child could obtain illegal goods there.

Hod, CEO of D-Dub Software, admits that requiring customers to pass age verification has annoyed some customers, but the company realizes the importance of age verification and hopes that other adult games will follow suit.

“We know that BoneTown is a hardcore adult game, and it’s not meant for kids, but with the huge demand for adult games the video game world really needs to find a way to get them out there. Hopefully this can help. Maybe once they realize that we’ve found a way to sell our product safely, they’ll be willing to accept us, and someday this method of distribution could become the standard for Adults Only games,” he says.

D-Dub also wonders why, with technology like this available, there are not more adult games on the market. Consoles from Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have online distribution that could easily plug into age verification software, and any AO game could be sold in an adult store. D-Dub hopes that the video game industry will catch on to this idea.

“Maybe this will help open the floodgates,” says Hod. “It’s been proven that customers want adult games, and we hope we can help make it happen.”

BoneTown Video Game Creates New Industry

Albuquerque, NM, November 25, 2008 — With the release of their adult video game, BoneTown, D-Dub Software has also launched a new industry. The Adult Video Game Industry is an answer to worldwide video game ratings boards, whose rating systems have banned adult games from the market. It is also a response to the maturing video game world, whose average consumer is now 33 years old but is still forced to play games aimed at someone much younger.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) is the United States’ video game ratings system. Their website touts their ratings as meant to help “…consumers, especially parents…make informed purchase decisions about the games they deem suitable for their children and families.” Far from being a tool to inform consumers, however, the ratings can limit consumers’ ability to learn about and purchase certain games. This holds specifically true for games that get the system’s dreaded AO (Adults Only, for ages 18+) rating, which BoneTown would have received had it been rated.

Major retailers in the United States only sell video games that are rated M (Mature, for ages 17+) or lower by the ESRB. All video game consoles, such as Nintendo, X-Box, and PlayStation, refuse to allow AO rated games, and many video game review outlets will not deal with AO titles. Though only 25% of all gamers in the United States are under age 18, indicating that there is a huge market for adult games, the ESRB’s restrictions have led many games to remove content to get an M rating. It also has some wondering why an AO rating exists if it essentially constitutes a ban in the US and elsewhere around the world, because unlike with other “adult” products, there are no established channels for adult video games to get out to their target demographic.

D-Dub Software knew that BoneTown would be rated AO because of its intense sexual and drug related content, and so did not get the game rated by the ESRB. “It doesn’t make sense,” says Hod, CEO of D-Dub
Software. “The ratings boards are not telling us that these games aren’t for kids. We know that already. What they’re telling us is that adult games shouldn’t exist at all. We don’t agree, and neither does our customer base of adults who are interested in games that might include themes like sex, drugs, and language. Since they’ve made it so that games like ours can’t be marketed and distributed through the channels other video games use, we are starting a new industry to get this game out to our customers.”

While D-Dub agrees that they game is not appropriate for anyone under 18, they have no intention of removing their “adult” content and so are finding ways around the ESRB’s ban. This is made possible in part by the recent rise of digital distribution of video games, because games sold online do not have to be ESRB rated. BoneTown is currently being sold online to customers over 18 at in a box version ($49.99) and a digital download version ($39.99). The game is also available in adult stores worldwide.